The Top Five problems that can occur with your car Clutch?

One of the common problems faced by car owners is related to the clutch. Car clutch is one of the sensitive elements in car transmission. Any rough use of car clutch increases its wear and tear and ultimately it has to be replaced. Every car owner knows that it costs a hell of the amount to replace the car clutch and also leads to unnecessary harassment to its owner.

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Because clutch problems are a common concern among customer among customers with manual transmissions, let us go through the top 5 problems what might go wrong with your car’s clutch.

1. There is a leakage in your Master or Slave Cylinder: Mostly two types of clutches are used in today’s cars- hydraulic operated clutches and the cable operated clutches. These days most cars are hydraulic, so they rely on fluid from the cylinders to actuate the clutch and this can be either happen internally or externally. If there is a leakage in the master or slave cylinder the level of fluid decreases, and proper hydraulic pressure is not possible to operate the clutch.If there is a leakage in the fluid from any cylinder, you might see fluid pooling under your vehicle or you might notice a strange odor as a result of the fluid dripping on the exhaust.


2. The Fly-wheel of your car might become warped: Just like the way your car rotors are connected to your car axles, the flywheel is bolted to the end of the crankshaft. Over a period of time, your flywheel can get overheated, which can cause it to wrap or crackdown. With use your flywheel’s surface becoming uneven, you might experience what is called “clutch Clutter” which are the vibrations you feel as you use your clutch. You can get your car’s damaged clutch replaced with new Luk Double-clutch complete with all accessories from Luk Clutch Dealers Auckland, Sterling Clutch and Brakes.

3.Your Clutch disc might get worn out: The clutch disc is splined to the input shaft of your car transmission and it can wear out over time with use or due to the bad driving habits.When your clutch disc gets worn out, it causes your car clutch pedal to release at a higher level. If the disc is so worn out then your car can have trouble accelerating under a heavy load or driving uphill.

4.Pressure Plat of your car might be worn out: The Pressure plate is like a spring-loaded clamp that bolts to the flywheel. As pressure plate is one of the hardest working parts in your car clutch, it might easily get worn out.  Worn out pressure plate like flywheel produce clutch clutter and the same can cause problems in driving the car.

5.The throw-out bearing might be worn out: Throw out bearing ride on the input shaft for the transmission and actuates the pressure plate.  Because it is constantly spinning, with the use of this bearing gets worn out and lose its lubrication and its proper functioning get hindered and driver face trouble in driving the car.

Your search for new OEM clutch kit for replacement of worn-out clutch kit parts of your car ends with Luk clutch Kit Auckland.If you hear a squeaking sound when your car is running and the same goes away when the clutch is activated, the reason behind this is the throw-out bearing getting worn-out.  All this will hamper you from driving your car safely on the road. In all the problems pointed above it is better to get your car clutch system checked from a trained mechanics and get the trouble-making parts of clutch replaced if everything else in clutch is in perfect working condition otherwise  go in for a change of complete clutch as it will be economical and time-saving in the long run and you are freed from all the worries of smooth driving.

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