To Prolong clutch Lifespan How To Use It_

To Prolong clutch lifespan how to use it?

There is a clutch mechanism in every vehicle, either a Manual or Automatic. In Automatic transmissions, clutch works automatically with the change of speed of the car, but in a manual gearbox, transmission one has...
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How to care car in covid-19 lockdown?

Like many other countries, New Zealand is currently observing a complete Lockdown due to the pandemic caused by the deadly COVID-19 Virus. Majority of cars and four-wheeled vehicles in New Zealand are sitting idle during...
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Luk Concentric Slave Cylinder

Luk Concentric Slave Cylinder-( The CSC ) is a slave cylinder and release bearing in a single component. Description of Concentric Slave Cylinder(CSC) In vehicles fitted with the modern clutch system, it is common for...
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