What symptoms show that clutch Cable is Faulty?

Clutch  system is one of the main systems of car transmission. In a manual car, the transmission clutch is connected with the car clutch pedal through a cable known as clutch cable. The clutch cable is the steel braided cable found in almost all manual transmission vehicles that connect the transmission clutch linkage to the clutch pedal mechanism. Clutch cable pulls the clutch linkage to disengage the clutch when the clutch pedal is depressed by the driver so that the transmission can be shifted easily and safely.

Clutch Cable

Due to wear and tear and road conditions, the outer core of the clutch cable is torn, dust and water enter in clutch cable making it difficult to smoothly shift the gears as cable-free movement is obstructed. When the clutch cable begins to have problems, it can cause issues with shifting the vehicle, and the overall drivability of vehicle is made difficult. Generally, the transmission slips out of gear or clutch pedal gets harder are the main symptoms of the faulty clutch cable. In case you find your clutch cable is problematic go to Clutch repair service Auckland and get the clutch cable repair and service. The following are the main symptoms of faulty clutch cable:-

  1. Gear gets pops out during driving: The gear pops out as transmission slips due to faulty and bad clutch cable and this generally occurs when the vehicle is accelerating and is under heavy loads. When the gear pops out driving the vehicle gets difficult as a driver of the vehicle will have to put back the gear each time it gets to pop out. As the attention of the driver is diverted from the road it can cause a serious mishap on the road.
  2. Hard Clutch Pedal: The other symptom of faulty clutch cable is hard clutch pedal. The dust and moisture get into the cable making the clutch wire moment difficult resulting a hard clutch pedal. The jammed or struck cable will not be able to move when the pedal is depressed and the pedal gets hard. In case of clutch pedal gets hard repeated pressing the resistance causes the cable to brake and the clutch pedal operation is not possible resulting in the vehicle to stop.
  3. Loose Clutch Pedal: Another symptom of bad clutch cable is loose Clutch pedal. A broken or an incorrectly adjusted clutch cable can cause excessive slackness in the clutch cable wire. This will results in too much free play when the clutch pedal is depressed it encounters no resistance and driver feel that clutch pedal is loose and find that the clutch does not engage properly. This can cause the transmission to grind during the gear shifting or gear pop up all of a sudden.
  4. Excessive tightness in clutch cable: An tightly adjusted clutch cable can also cause a problem in gear shifting during driving. In case the adjuster binds or is adjusted too tightly, it will result in the clutch to be slightly disengaged at all times- even when the pedal is not pressed by the driver. This will increase clutch wear out and the life of clutch is shortened.

Some specific amount of free play adjustment is required in most of the clutch pedals, otherwise, there will be a problem in engaging and disengaging the clutch. The free play adjustment cannot be done by the individual and the services of a trained mechanic is required and for this reason if you suspect that your vehicle’s clutch cable requires any adjustment, or there is problem with clutch cable mechanism, then you can get your vehicle inspected with Sterling Clutch and Brakes who provide clutch repair service Auckland, and get the same adjusted or replaced if found defective.

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