Signs that show your car needs brakes Job

While you are driving and approaching the stop sign and someones other cars just suddenly drifts to your lane, the only area you rely on is the brakes of your car. Every time you stop your car you need to apply your car brakes. The brakes are one of the important systems of your car and also one of the important factors that determine your safety on the road, your vehicle’s safety, and the safety of the other road users. If your brakes are not in perfect condition then you are putting in danger the safety of everyone using road including yourself and your vehicle.

For a perfect braking system, you must know the warning signs that show that your car needs a brake job. If you notice the following below mentioned warning signs you must immediately take your car to a trusted mechanic or garage and get the brake system inspected before you drive your car any further.


     1. Your cars brake pedal is vibrating or pulsating: While pressing the brake pedal of your car if you notice that despite pressing the brake pedal car is not stopping and the brake pedal is either vibrating or pulsating then your car brakes are worn out and new brake pads are needed. Pulsating brakes are typically caused by worn brake pads and rotors. Both the brake pads and rotors need to be checked and if worn out then these should be replaced with a new one. For Brake repair service Auckland, you can visit Sterling Clutch and Brakes who are professional Clutch and brakes repair experts in New Zealand.

  1. Your Car pulls to one side: If your car pulls to one side while applying the brakes it is an indication that your car brakes are not been applied evenly. Either there is a lack of braking ( where pads never make proper contact with the rotor) on any one or more wheels of your car or your brakes could be binding( the brake pad is not retracting from the surface of the rotor) at one or more wheels of your car. For this, you have to visit your car mechanic and get the necessary repairs or replacement done.
  2. There is Rattling or Clicking sounds from brakes: When you press your car brakes and they make a rattling or clicking noise, this is an indication that the brake pads are worn out and need replacement. The rattling or clicking sound is caused by the vibrations of loose components that damage the brake pads. So during the inspection, your mechanic or brake expert will not only focus his attention on the brake pads but will also fully check the brake hardware components for any defect and will ask you for the replacement of the faulty brake hardware.
  3. There is Grinding or Growling sounds: If you notice that there is grinding or growling sounds coming from the brake system when you press the brake pedal, it typically means that the brake pads have worn through and are now grinding the rotors. Grinding and growling sounds indicate that there is some metal contact with metal meaning that there is no braking material left on the brake. If you notice this kind of sound then take your car to your mechanic and get the brake pads replaced with new ones and also get the rotors inspected for any wear and tear.
  4. There is Squealing sound: If you hear any squealing sound when you press your brake then this is a good indication that your car brake pads are worn out need to be replaced. This high pitched squealing sound is caused by a small metal tab which acts as an indicator to alert you that brake pads need servicing or replacement.
  5. There is Deep Groves in Rotor: The severely worn-out brake pads leave deep grooves in the rotor. If on inspection such grooves are visible, both brake pads and rotors need replacement and a thorough inspection is carried for other brake hardware. Your mechanic will inspect everything in the brake system and do the proper diagnosis of the problem.
  6. The brake pads are thin: After every long drive, you should have a visual inspection of brake pads as you will know how it is wearing. If you notice that less than 1/4” of brake pad, then it is an indication that the brake pads are thin and are not suitable for a long drive. The brake pads should be replaced before any further long drive otherwise it creates grave safety concerns for you and other road users.

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