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Our professional brake technicians in Auckland offer a wide range of services

Looking for specialist brake & clutch engineers in Auckland?

In addition to a full range of new off the shelf brake and clutch parts, we offer a variety of specialised services to the trade and DIY customer.
With our proven expertise and vast experience, you can rest assured you’re in the most capable hands around. When it comes to the crunch, Sterling Clutch & Brake has been tested time and again and delivered upon our promises to give the complete service you would expect from the premier brake specialist in Auckland.

Technical advise & component testing

We have Auckland’s, in fact New Zealand’s, biggest database of clutch & brake parts & cross references, including part number matching & technical info on over 13,000 vehicle models from 1940 to present day.

Our Commitment

We have a dedicated team of trained full time staff that have a wealth of experience under their belts. But as a company we believe that education is an ongoing experience, that’s why we provide all of our Auckland staff with ongoing training throughout the year. This ensures that they keep up with emerging technologies and techniques, ensuring our guys are up to date the most modern methods used by car mechanics across the industry.


    • Overhaul of Disc Brake Calipers (some available on exchange)
    • Rebuilding of Clutch Pressure Plates & Relining Clutch Plates
    • Testing & Repair of Vacuum Brake Boosters
    • Technical Advise & Component Testing
    • Rebonding & Radius Grinding of Brake Shoes

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