Reasons why your car Hand brake’s light remain on?

Generally, your car’s hand brake warning light coming on if you forget to disengage your parking brakes when you start your car. But it may be a cause of concern if you see light remain on any other times while starting the car for your drive. It may stay in on position permanently or blink on and off on other times. You have to find reasons why your car’s parking light remain in on position when it shouldn’t be. It may be dangerous to drive with parking light on and you need to find it out in order to drive safely on the road.

There are many reasons why your car’s hand brake parking light stay in on position or blink on and off. Following are the reasons for this problem:

1. Problems in the Parking light Cable: Many times, you may think that you have disengaged your hand brake, but in actuality, it is struck slightly in the on position, or the cable is slightly loose or there is a problem with the brake cable connection.  The brake cable has a connection with the brake pads and when the pads are engaged the parking light glows if the car is started. In a condition when there is misalignment in the cable or it goes faulty, then brake my not fully turned off, and it keeps on glowing or the light will stay on.

Hand Brake

Many times It may be a sign that your brake pads are stuck in such a position due to the cable problem that it keeps the brake light turned on. For safe drive, it is better to visit expert auto mechanics to get the cable problem rectified and also get the stuck brake pads inspected and rectified so that you don’t face any problem while driving your car. At brake pads Auckland you can get your car  brake pads replaced with a new one from Sterling Clutch and Brake.

2.Problems with the connection: When you are not sure that hand brake is in fully off position and your hand brake feel normal, then there is a problem with the brake and the parking light connection. When you disengage the hand brake it should send a message to your parking light on the dashboard to turn off. When the cable connection is loose or broken or there is a fault in the warning light connection the exact message of disengagement of the parking lever is not communicated to the warning light and brake. In case the warning light connection is broken or loose then it will not show that your car brake is off. The hand brake of your car will work properly but the light will stay in the dashboard indicating that there is some problem with the brake.

3. Problems with brake fluid:If there are constant hand brake alerts while driving the car then it is a sign of some problems with your vehicle’s brake fluid level or brake fluid system. For example, if there is constant flashing of warning light when you drive around the corners, then you have a problem with a fluid level in its reservoir which may be getting low. As your turn corners brake fluid moves from side to side in its reservoir and your brake light turns on due to a low level on one side and as you drive on the smooth road it turns off. If this keeps on going constantly many times then you should get the brake fluid system checked and refill the reservoir. If your car disc brake pads need replacement then you can check with Disc brake pads Auckland and get the disc brake pads replaced and also avail the expert suggestion from Sterling Clutch and brakes regarding maintenance and replacement for your car clutch and brakes.

The low fluid level also indicates that the brake pads are worn-out and require the replacement. You need more fluid to maintain a reasonable level in the fluid reservoir if the pads are worn-out as you have to press the brake pedal more fluid moves from to push the pedals to make them brake. The low fluid level also indicates that there is some leakage at the master cylinder or in fluid pipes or in brake drums and all these parts need an immediate replacement for smooth braking.

Hand brake in the car helps you primarily to park your car safely and is a safety tool, but problems in hand brakes are ignored. If there is less fluid or there is a then the safety of your car is affected and may lead to complete disengagement of the hand brake, and driving with brake on can overheat your car’s brake pads and also the fluid leading to safety problems with your car. It is better to get the hand brake system inspected as soon as you see the parking light coming on frequently when the hand brake is disengaged.

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