The Luk Master Cylinder (Clutch release component)

The Master Cylinder is a component that converts pedal force into hydraulic pressure. It is a component of the clutch release system that delivers the necessary build-up in the hydraulic system. The Master Cylinder is usually mounted to the front bulkhead or to the pedal holder with bolts or a bayonet lock. The Master Cylinder’s piston rod is connected directly to the clutch pedal inside the vehicle. You can get your car’s damaged clutch replaced with new Luk Double clutch complete with all accessories from Sterling Clutch and Brakes (Luk Clutch Dealers in Auckland).

The Clutch Master cylinders of modern times not only carry-out their basic function but a variety of additional tasks as well. Today’s vehicles have cruise control, start inhibitor systems, an electric park brake, torque adaption, and automatic start-stop systems in order to improve safety, comfort, and handling. These additional systems require further reduction in space and weight in order to realize simple and fast installation. You can get all LuK Clutch catalog parts for your vehicle’s clutch repair at Sterling Clutch and Brakes.


Benefits of The Luk Master Cylinders

*  Prevents the noise and vibration from the drive train

*   Long service life

*  Reduces CO2

* Very popular with the vehicle manufacturer. New Passenger car and light commercial vehicle is outfitted with a DMF from Luk every second.

* Luk covers almost the entire Aftermarket with its dual-mass flywheel in OE quality.

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