Luk Double Mass Flywheel- An Overview

For trouble-free replacement of a Luk dual-mass flywheel

Product description:

Every second new passenger car and the light commercial vehicle we see on the road is equipped with a dual-mass flywheel (DMF), and their number is increasing. A DMF is standard equipment especially in passenger cars with diesel engines and high-powered petrol engines.


DMF is subject to normal wear like the clutch and has to be replaced if need be.

In case of a repair, the vehicle manufacturer recommends that it is always essential to replace a dual-mass flywheel with a new DMF.

The Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF) from LuK dampens torsional vibrations in the drivetrain ensuring pleasant driving comfort over the entire speed range. It consists of up to  130 components and is individually designed for the respective vehicle.

By the way: with the Luk testing tool the DMF can be tested whether or not it is worn while it is still installed on the vehicles

Benefits of Luk DMF:

* Best quality from the inventor of the DMF and market leader in original equipment and in the Aftermarket

*Noise and vibration from the drivetrain is effectively reduced

*LuK covers almost the entire Aftermarket with its dual mass flywheels.

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