Luk Double Clutch transmission offer improved driving dynamics and efficiency

Schaeffler Luk Double Clutch transmission offer improved driving dynamics and efficiency. It is playing an increasingly important role in vehicle development by reduction of fuel consumption, and CO2 emissions. You can get your car’s damaged double clutch replaced with new Luk Double clutch complete with all accessories from Luk Clutch Dealers Auckland, Sterling Clutch and Brakes.

A special role is played by clutch here. The basis for this is formed by a manual transmission. The transmission is driven a double clutch mounted on two nested gearbox input shafts. The even gears are actuated by one clutch and odd gears by the other clutch. Clutch control and actuation occur automatically or via a second shift gate semi-automatically- in each case without a clutch pedal. Sterling Clutch & Brakes Auckland is leading Luk Spare parts supplier in all major towns of New Zealand.

While the car drives in one gear, the next gear is pre-engaged but idle. Next gear activates in a fraction of a second when the ideal shift point is reached the next clutch opens. The result of this is that there is no power interruption in driving.

Double-clutch driving performance, acceleration, and consumption are also impressive. A double-clutch gearbox can achieve a fuel consumption advantage of up- to 6 percent, even when compared to a manual transmission. When compared to an automatic transmission(torque converter) fuel saving between 15 to 20 percent are possible. Your search for new OEM clutch kit for replacement of worn-out clutch kit of your car ends with Luk clutch Kit Auckland.

Depending upon the specification a wet(oil bath) or dry double clutch is used.

Benefits of Luk Double Clutch

* Combines the comfort of an automatic transmission with the sportiness of a manual.

* Attributes similar to that of an automatic transmission but with excellent efficiency.

* Overlapping gear shift makes interruption of power transmission during gear changes hardly noticeable.

* Saves fuel

*Reduces CO2

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