Luk Concentric Slave Cylinder

Luk Concentric Slave Cylinder-( The CSC ) is a slave cylinder and release bearing in a single component.

Description of Concentric Slave Cylinder(CSC)

In vehicles fitted with the modern clutch system, it is common for the pedal force to be transferred by a hydraulic system rather than by cable as used in old clutch systems. The clutch is actuated by a concentric slave cylinder (CSC), which performs both the functions of the slave cylinder and release bearing.

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There is no need for release fork or release shaft components where release systems are using CSC. The CSC is positioned directly in the transmission housing on the transmission input shaft. By using CSC there is a reduction in a number of moving parts of the release system, and this minimizes war and error influences.

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Benefits of Concentric Slave Cylinder (CSC)

* Weight optimized

*Heat resistant

*Have a long service life

*It is a compact system

*Require little space, delivers maximum performance

*Less susceptible to external influences

* It is self-adjusting

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