Luk Clutch Disc-The Main Connecting element of the Clutch

The Clutch disc is the main connecting element of the Clutch. Together with the clutch pressure plate, Clutch disc disconnects and reconnects the engine from the drivetrain. The clutch disc acts as a frictional partner between pressure plate while doing the task of engine disc flywheel and pre-connects and reconnects. To adjust engine speed, and transfer engine torque to that of transmission, clutch facings are employed. And a damping system in the hub is used to prevent engine vibration from being transferred to the drivetrain.

Luk as a market and technology leader offers the ideal solution according to the manufacturer specifications for whatever the repair might entail- from clutch discs with simple torsion damping, to design with multiple-stage damping, to rigid clutch discs for use in a DMF system, all the way to displacement-correction clutch discs.



Luk is known for its optimal cushion deflection, tough wear-resistant friction linings and for its highest standards.

The Clutch Disc-beside fulfilling technical requirements like low wear, delivering a constant coefficient of friction and smooth torque build up; it must meet current environmental standards as well and Luk clutch disc fulfills all these requirements. You can get all LuK Clutch catalog parts for your vehicle’s clutch repair at Sterling Clutch and brake Auckland .

Benefits of Luk Clutch Disc

*Outstanding torsion damping

*Environmental-friendly (asbestos-free) friction linings

* Provides Long service life

*OE quality

*Provides comfortable torque transmission

*Provides overload safety

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