How to know about Car’s Brake Drum Failure

If you have a car which has brake drum, you must have some time experienced an brake drum failure at some point of time. When there is unusual brake pedal feel, any unusual abnormal noises, or you are feeling a loose parking brake, then this may due to the failure of brake drum. And in case there is failure of brake drum, you may have to replace the drum from a qualified mechanics. You can avail Drum Brake repair service in Auckland Call @096364919 at Sterling clutch and brakes Auckland.

In old vehicles drum brakes are a common type of braking system, and is usually found on the rear wheel of all old drum brake system vehicles. The main purpose of drum brake is to slow the vehicle like the disc brakes found in the modern vehicles, but they work in a slightly different manner. Drum brakes use wheel cylinders to push brake shoes against the inside of a brake drum to slow the rotating wheel, instead of using callipers to squeeze pads onto a rotor. Since the friction and contact function is used, brake drum eventually wear out over a period of time and fails to do the proper braking of vehicle, and needs replacement. In the event they go bad or have a problem, the driver of vehicle gets indications from a few symptoms and can know that some problem has occurred with the brake drum or their is a brake drum failure.

Brake Drum

Symptoms of Brake Drum Failure

  1. Unusual change in Brake Pedal Feel: The most common and the first symptoms of a brake drum failure or a bad brake drum is unusual brake pedal feel to the driver of the vehicle. If the brake drums are excessively worn out, they can cause vibrations, which you can feel in the pedal while braking. Shuddering or pulsating can be noticed once you step on the pedal due to worn out drums.

  2. Weak Brake: In case you step on the brake pedal, and it takes longer for the car to slow down or to stop, then there is some problem with the brake drums. Though it may be caused due to some other a modern car with a disc braking system, then equivalent to this would be faulty discs and pads.

  3. Brake Noises when Brakes are Pressed: As you step on the brake pedal if you hear scraping noises, then the cause of it could be associated with bad brake drums. In the event the brake drums becomes excessively worn, they may give a scraping or scratching sound when the brakes are depressed. The bad brake drums causes heat to build up and put stress on the braking system. Then, when the brake shoes push against the drums, there results a annoying scrape noises to follow.

  4. Vibration in Brake Pedal: Over a period of time the brake drums get worn out and in case you continue using brakes. When they get too worn-out, you will start to feel vibrations coming from the brake pedal when you put your foot on it. But when there is a brake performance issue, then you are left with no choice but to replace brake drums. It is better to take pedal vibrations as an early warning sign to get your vehicles braking system inspected from a trained auto mechanics and avail Brakes repair service in Auckland Call @096364919.

  5. Loose Parking Brake: Another symptom of brake drums failure is a loose parking brakes. With the use the drum brakes wear, the shoes may not be able to squeeze again the inside of the drum as easily, and due to this, the parking brake may not work as efficiently as it is expected. Generally whens the parking brakes are applied the car don’t budge, but when there brake drum failure car will slip a few inches after the parking brake is engaged. This may also be caused by miss-adjusted brake cable, as well as potentially worn shoes. In all these events a proper check of brake system is required and get brake replacement service in Auckland .For getting complete check up of the brakes and to avail brake repair service in Auckland and getting advice how to maintain your car’s drum brakes in top condition you can mail your query at or call @09-636-4919.