How to Avoid ending up stranded on Road-Know Signs for Clutch Replacement

For every car owner ending up stranded on road in a long drive is a nightmare. Everyone wants to avoid this situation. Generally, owners of manual transmission go through this nightmare if they are not aware of clutch failure signs. The clutch that makes manual control possible will wear out over time. But the worst thing is that many systems are designed so that a simple glance under the vehicle won’t reveal the actual problem immediately when the clutch failure is already underway.

Clutch fixing is not a quick fix job especially in the older cars as clutch replacement is time-consuming and a technical job in which every car mechanic is not fit to undertake. Luckily, clutch failure is a usually slow process, showing signs over a long period rather than one day leaving the car driver stranded with any warning, however, clutch problems left unchecked will result in just that.


Here are the few signs you just need to know what to look for so that you do not end up stranded on road due to clutch system failure.

A Quick Overview:

The Clutch is a part that mates engine speed to the selected transmission gear change. When the clutch pedal is depressed, the clutch gets disengaged, allowing for a change of gears. The clutch is one of the important parts that is closely related to the drivetrain system. The clutch takes more abuse than other related components just similar to the brake pads. Since the clutch system is so integrated- and such a pain to get to-many mechanics to recommend changing other parts that come bundled in a kit during the clutch replacement to the same time and money in the future.

What are the Signs of Clutch failure?:

The clutch failure can occur due to a number of things that can go wrong because the clutch wear depends on the driving habits of the driver, and driving conditions on the road. It is difficult to know exactly what caused the clutch to fail. One classic sign of clutch failure is a burning smell, much like the cooked brakes When the friction material on the clutch plate has worn down to the rivets holding it in place, it will slip and spin in contact with the flywheel instead of engaging it, generating a great amount of heat from the resulting friction.

The other that can go wrong is a clutch pedal, it becomes spongy. Since the friction material on the clutch plate has worn, the pedal must travel farther than usual to disengage. This results in difficult gear shifting- the car might have sporadic problems shifting (first to reverse) oar fail to shift gear smoothly.

How to perform visual Inspection: To know the condition of the clutch system you can go in for a visual inspection.  You can remove the inspection plate under the bell housing, see parts of the clutch that might help you determine wear and tear. You will find black dust in that area, but if the friction material has worn to the level of the metal rivets or is clearly wearing unevenly, then it is the time to go for a clutch change. If the wear is uneven, you likely to have another problem with the clutch system and that needs to be addressed in addition to clutch replacement. The same goes for the leak of gear oil. If the system is leaking, simply replacing the clutch is not sufficient you have to mend the leaking gear drum also. If your car clutch kit system is faulty and needs replacement you can visit Luk Clutch Kit Auckland Call 09 636 4919.

To know clutch functioning test it out: Further, you can check the worn clutch and another possible failure, such as worn bearing, stuck linkage, bent release fork and a number of other maladies, take your vehicle to a secluded road and drive it in the first gear. Then, rev the engine and quickly move into fourth and the fifth ear, if the vehicle stalls or shakes because it’s too high a gear with the speed, your clutch has no problem and it is fine. If, however, the engine revs smoothly without going in gear, then it means that your clutch is not functioning and not engaging properly and needs immediate replacement or your vehicle can experience sudden clutch failure in the future and you may end up stranded on the road. You can contact Sterling Clutch and Brakes for Clutch replacement service  Auckland Call 09 636 4919.

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