How can You Test Car Clutch?

How Can You Test Car Clutch

Now we see the car’s with automotive transmission, as manual transmissions are no longer as popular with the automotive manufacturers as they were in past. But still there are large number of vehicles/cars with manual transmissions. These manual transmissions vehicle have clutch to control power from the engine.

A clutch in a vehicle is a friction disc that is located inside the vehicle’s transmission compartment. Clutch is the most important components in a manual transmission vehicle’s drive line. It is also a component that is responsible for transferring the power from engine through the transmission, so that the power can be distributed to the wheels of the vehicle and make it move forward or backward.

Being mechanical in nature clutch operate using friction lining, so with the time they wear out and their performance get reduced. When the clutch wears out, it starts displaying signs such as noise, vibration, and slippage. It the symptoms remained unattended and unchanged ,the clutch will fail to transfer any of the power from engine to the vehicle’s wheel, and the vehicle will fail to move and eventually the clutch and transmission parts needs replacement. Leading Luk Clutch Dealers Auckland , Sterling Clutch and Brake Auckland can solve all your clutch replacement problems.

Here are certain simple tests by performing which you can check whether the clutch is functioning properly, or it needs to be replaced.

Tests to check whether clutch needs replacement

  1. Check the Clutch: You have to see if the engaging and disengaging of clutch is proper before deciding whether a clutch needs to be replaced.

After running the vehicle engine, step on the clutch pedal and put the vehicle into gear. The transmission should shift into gear without any grinding or popping sounds.

In case the clutch of your vehicle is hydraulically operated, make sure that fluid level in the fluid bottle is topped off and there is no leaks or any other problem with the system.

In case cable is used in your vehicle to operate the clutch in your vehicle or it is cable operated, examine the cable assembly, and make sure that cable assembly is free from any malfunction ,and it is functioning correctly.

Also pay attention to any sign that may indicate that there is clutch slippage. If the clutch is slipping, it will not engage properly and results in engine to shake, hesitate, or even rev to high revolution per minutes while the vehicle is in driving mode.

  1. Drive and test the clutch operation: The second step is to check the clutch operation and for this put the vehicle into first gear and drive off from a stop, as usual. Pay extra attention to any abnormal behaviour when releasing the clutch pedal to take off. If the vehicle exhibit any grinding or squeaking noises, burning smells, or slippage, it will indicate that there may be some clutch problem, and if above symptoms are excessive it will mean the clutch is excessively worn and needs replacement at the earliest.
  2. Test the vehicle takeoff in the third gear: After testing the car on road, take your vehicle to a empty parking lot and take off from stop with your car in third gear.

After putting your car in third gear you have to release the clutch pedal very slowly and give the car some throttle to prevent it from stalling. This action of yours will make the vehicle to eventually take off very slowly. And while taking off if your vehicle beings to display any signs of slippage, any abnormal noises, or any burning smell, then the clutch needs replacement as it is excessively worn out.

  1. Replace the clutch:In case you are able to detect the clutch problem then it is very important to take your vehicle to the professional mechanic or a garage and replace the clutch assembly and kit with OEM parts. In any other case if you are not able to correctly detect the clutch problem you should take your vehicle to any professional technician or Sterling Clutch and Brake Auckland and get Clutch repair service in Auckland and get advice how to maintain your car’s Clutch and brakes in top condition. You can mail your query at or call @09-636-4919.