Do these Important signs indicate it’s time to change Transmission Fluid?

Do These Important Signs Indicate It’s Time To Change Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is the lifeblood of your car engine. Transmission fluid is important for the gears to operate in a normal way. The gears in your cars transmission system takes the power from the motor and convert it into the driving force for your car. Thus your transmission system always works hard to get you anywhere.

The gears in your transmission are not simply sitting in the transmission chamber and ready to work on your instructions, but they are sitting in a pool of fluid that helps keep them lubricated and ready to work when you need them. This fluid keeps the gears cool and lubricated so that they can operate properly without damaging itself.

Transmission fluid is extremely important for you and that means changing it at the proper times. Here are the five important signs when you should change your transmission fluid for the proper functioning of clutch and gears.

Distance Covered:Typically your transmission fluid change lasts around 45,000km to 80,000 km. That means you won’t have to worry about changing the fluid right away, but you need to be aware of the distance covered by your car between change. Transmission fluid saves your transmission from normal wear and tear as it helps to keep shavings from the parts in the system to the minimum. It also lowers clutch wear and tears as every part in the system moves properly and less heat is generated.

When you hear a grinding noise in gears: If you drive a manual car, it is bad if you hear grinding noise when you shift gears. A grind from your transmission could mean a number of things from low transmission fluid to the destruction of parts of your transmission or clutch burning. When you see such a sign no matter what it means for you car transmission take your car to your mechanic or reputed garage like Sterling clutch and brakes Auckland and get the transmission fluid level checked to avoid damage to transmission and gears and clutch parts.

If you smell something burning: Transmission fluid has a distinct smell, especially when it is burning. A truly sweet smell is emitted from your engine bay when the transmission fluid starts burning, and that smell will make its way into the cabin of your car. If you find this kind of smell then you should get the fluid level checked for leakage and burning at with your car garage. You can also get burning smell from the burnt-out clutch system or brake pads wear but this is quite distinct from the transmission fluid burning smell. So always pay heed to any kind of burning smell you notice from your car as it is an indication of something wrong with your car.

Dusty traveling: If your car drives on dusty or unpaved roads a lot then that can affect the life of your transmission fluid. Dust particles are so fine that they can sneak to the transmission chamber where the fluid is there through cracks, transmission chamber caps or any tiny openings anywhere in the transmission system. That means if you spend a lot of time driving on dirt roads, you need to get your transmission fluid checked for dirt and other particles. Any carelessness on your part on this aspect can ruin the quality of your transmission fluid and clog your transmission fluid filter. If the quality of your fluid deteriorates and you compromise on this, it’s more likely that your transmission can start heating, ultimately proving heavy on your pocket.

Stop and Go Driving: Stop and go traffic on busy traffic situation can cause a further breakdown of your car’s transmission fluid. The constant strain of stop-and-go can lead to higher operating temperatures due to higher level of stress. This means the more you are stuck in stop-and-go traffic, the more pressure you put on your transmission fluid.

Heavy hauling: If you put more weight or do heavy hauling with your vehicle then you need to change the transmission fluid on much less mileage. The added force of the extra weight can take its toll on the fluid and can cause it to break faster. So it is important to get regular transmission fluid changes.

It is very easy to forget about your transmission fluid change and neglect it altogether. This will lead to a shorter life of the transmission and can put a heavy dent on your pocket. So be regular with the schedule of transmission fluid change and have extra life of your car’s transmission system, clutch, brakes and engine.

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