Common Clutch Problems-which you should know?

One of the common problems faced by the car owners is related to the clutch.  Car clutch is one of the sensitive elements in car transmission. Any rough use of car clutch increases its wear and tear and ultimately it has to be replaced. Every car owner knows that it costs a hell of amount to replace the car clutch and also leads to un-necessary harassment to its owner. If you have any problem with the clutch you can consult clutch specialist and get clutch replacement service in Auckland.

If you treat your car clutch well it can lasts up to 80,000 miles. However, if you don’t care for them , or constantly overloading your car and carrying heavy loads you may see that  sometimes your clutch lasting less than 35,000 miles or less. The car owners are ignorant about the common clutch problems and continue to drive their vehicle even if the indications of something going wrong with clutch are noticed. Some of the most common clutch problems include:

Common Clutch Problems-which you should know?

  • Wearing: One of the most common problems is the material on the disc wear out due to constant friction. One gets a creeping friction sound from disc plates when this happens.
  • Broken Cable: In case if the cable tension of push and pull is not proper it leads to clutch cable braking down.
  • Leaks: Leaks within the cylinder keep them from building up the right amount of pressure to function normally. The leak may happen from broken rubber seal or some hole in clutch plate chamber.
  • Misalignment: If there is misalignment in the clutch paddle, when you press the linkage transmits the wrong amount of force.
  • Air in the Hydraulic line: Some time air gets into the lines where fluid needs to be in order to build pressure for the clutch places to function smoothly.
  • Hard Clutch: When the clutch is shifted very little force is required but many a times you need more force than normal to press your clutch. If this happens often then that indicates a problem somewhere in the clutch system and you will need clutch replacement. You can contact for any clutch repair service in Auckland to Sterling Clutch and Brake @ 09 636 4919 and get satisfactory replacement of your car’s clutch.

Clutch wear out also depends the way you drive the car.  We give below few points which increases clutch wear and tear.

  1. Longer you press the clutch more strain you are putting
  2. Un-necessary gear change reduces the clutch life
  3. Use of gear while parking put strain on the clutch. Use of parking brakes while parking reduces this strain.
  4. Other thing that also reduces life of clutch is driving car with clutch pedal pressed. This puts pressure on the clutch plate but doesn’t allow it to engage completely and creating more friction leading to faster wear and tear of clutch plates. It is advisable to keep your foot away from your clutch unless you are changing gears.

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