When the entire clutch assembly needs replacement

Since the clutch system is one of the important systems in a vehicle and in the event it goes bad it needs replacement. But the big question is how you can determine if your clutch assembly needs entire replacement, or you can carry on with the old assembly only by replacing worn-out parts.  With the following symptoms, chances are that one or more important clutch components are worn out and need replacement.  In case your car clutch is completely worn-out and needs replacement you can come to Sterling Clutch and brakes the Luk clutch dealers Auckland.

  1. When the clutch is slipping: It occurs when you notice that an unexpected increase in the engine speed without any action for acceleration and your car is in gear and the clutch pedal is fully released and you push the clutch pedal. This can also happen when you attempt to accelerate up a steep hill.  Clutch degradation is a slow process and takes its time depending on your driving skills, driving conditions. Clutch wear faster if you stop and start at traffic light very often. If you observe a slipping clutch then you should take immediate action and have the clutch replaced.
  2. When the clutch is Hard: The worn our pressure plate could be the main cause of a hard clutch. The other cause can be air in the hydraulic line ( in case of hydraulically operated clutches) or due to cable when that is not sufficiently lubricated. If you observe hard clutch is caused due to worn out pressure plate then it is the time of getting the clutch assembly replaced.
  3. Strong smell from engine bay when the car is started from rest:If you observe strong smell from engine bay when you pull away from a standstill position it is the warning sign for clutch assembly replacement.
  4. There is a change in Bite Point: If you observe a higher bite point on clutch pedal that before, it is a clear symptom that your clutch needs replacement. Bite point is a point when on the clutch release,  your vehicle starts moving with a little release. But due to worn out clutch parts, your vehicle fails to move and it move only when you release clutch a lot more. The other cause of high bit point can be caused due to a stretched cable (where the clutch is operated through) or a faulty Master or Slave Cylinder ( in case the clutch is hydraulically operated).
  5. When there is clutch judder: Clutch judder is mostly observed when setting off from a standstill. You may also feel strong vibrations in clutch judder when the clutch is released to get the car moving from rest. If you notice clutch judder, it is a sure indication that there is something wrong with clutch assembly and it needs replacement including the flywheel also.

clutch assembly needs replacement

Conditions when you can avoid entire Clutch Assembly Replacement

However there are certain conditions in which you can avoid entire clutch assembly replacement. For best judgement you might have to visit your trusted auto mechanic or Sterling Clutch and Brakes Auckland and know what is best before to give a go ahead for entire clutch assembly replacement.

  1. Release bearing getting Worn out: In case you observe low rumbling sound coming from the gearbox goes away when you press the pedal than it can be due to the problems with release bearing. In such case you ca avoid entire clutch replacement and instead carry on driving by replacing clutch release bearing.
  2. Inability to slot into gear: If you notice that your clutch won’t release properly,it will continue to turn the input shaft. They will hinder your car movement completely as it prevents your car from going into gear. The reasons behind may be the clutch stick broken, clutch cable broken or stretched , leaky or defective master or slave cylinder, and mis-adjusted linkage then by replacing defective part you can avoid replacement of the entire clutch assembly. An thorough inspection of these components and on the judgment of the auto mechanics/workshop can guide what is to be replaced or entire clutch assembly needs replacement.

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