Benefits of Automatic Car Transmission

Benefits of Automatic Car Transmission

You use your car to get from point A to B. But for doing this you have to sit in the car, start it, and put it into gear by pushing the clutch pedal and shift it into gear and release the clutch pedal to move it forward. Using the clutch and clutch you activate the car’s transmission system. Every vehicle needs a working transmission to move forward or backwards. The transmission allows the vehicle to change gears, thereby transferring power from the engine to the drive axle in the most efficient way. Without the transmission, no vehicle can move and transmission is the integral and most important part of the car.

Transmission enables the car to distribute power and speed in the most efficient and effective way in any given situation. The transmission increases the available power while reducing the speed in lower gears. Higher gears, on the other hand, reduce power and increase speed.

But whilst everyone agrees that a transmission is absolutely vital to the inner working of any car, there is no general understanding of minds regarding what kind of transmission system is better – automatic or manual.

Presently almost all the car manufacturers are manufacturing automatic transmission cars. Though manual transmission is not out people now have a preference for automatic cars. Automatic transmissions have been eclipsing their older manual cousins for the past many years, but despite their immense popularity, automatic transmissions are not necessarily a better choice for many drivers. But automatic transmission do offer advantages over manual transmissions in several key areas

Advantages of Automatic transmission over the Manual

In an automatic transmission, the gears shift on their own based on RPMs and other factors. But, in manual transmission, the driver of the vehicle has to use a clutch and stick shift to change the gears.

The norms of the automobile industry is a Four-speed automatic transmission in the past but six-seven-, and eight-speed automatics are common today. But Honda builds a nine-speed, Ford, and General Motors even have jointly developed 10-speed transmissions in the market. More gears mean better acceleration, quieter highway driving and improved fuel economy. The following are the advantages of automatic transmissions over the manual transmissions cars.

Easier to Use: There is nothing inherently difficult about shifting gears and working on the clutch, but the driver needs a bit of practice before he is comfortable in using each of his limbs independently in order to control a manual transmission car. This is not the case with automatic transmission cars as by comparison they are much simpler and easier for drivers to learn.

Are Less Manually restrictive: Most new drivers of the cars are taught that keeping both hands firmly on the wheels all the time is the safest way to drive it This is possible when driving an automatic transmission vehicle, but is not easily possible with a manual transmission vehicle.

The automatic transmission is better for hilly area:In a hilly area driving in steep inclines with a manual transmission, the vehicle is very difficult because a proper gear and clutch control is needed especially if you are attempting to do so from a dead stop. But this issue is taken care off in the automatic transmission. You can easily operate your car efficiently no matter how steep the hill might be.

Stalling risk is greatly reduced:It is very awkward and embarrassing when your vehicle is accidentally stalled when the traffic light goes from red to green and it is a signal for you to move but you are not able to do so because your manual transmission vehicle is stalled. This isn’t a common problem for those driving an automatic transmission, where stalling will only occur if there is a mechanical problem in the vehicle.

In heavier traffic it is easier to operate: Driver needs to perform more work in starting, accelerating, decelerating, and stopping manual transmissions vehicle. This isn’t normally a problem, but in heavy traffic where a car isn’t above to get up to speed, drivers may notice that the constant starting and stopping becomes a difficult chore. But, Automatic transmissions allow the driver to move through heavy traffic without having to do more than push a single pedal.

But now the question arises which transmission is better. It is up to the users of the vehicle which transmission he is quiet familiar and what is his budget as the automatic transmissions vehicles are more costly than the manual transmission vehicles.

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