About Us

About Us

35 Years Experience

Sterling Engineering t/a Sterling clutch & brake (SCB) has been operating in Auckland since the 1960s. The company focuses on specializing and supplying clutch and brake parts & services all over New Zealand. SCB has around 100k+ products stocked in it is warehouse related to clutch and brake. The brand is well recognized and trusted within the New Zealand automotive industry.


SCB encourages all the staff to improve upon their knowledge and keep up to date with all the developments in the industry, with this approach; SCB has become the go-to place for all technical information in the industry.

Specialist tools

In 2016 SCB added another business line of providing specialist tools with the distribution partner BGS Germany, SCB also manufacturers a lot of special parts on demand for the customers.

Some of the specialist services provided by SCB:

  • Overhaul of disc brake calipers
  • Rebuilding clutch pressure plates and relining clutch plates
  • Testing & repair of vacuum brake boosters
  • Re-bonding and radius grinding of brake shoes
  • Technical advice & component testing

Core Competency

Clutch Specialist

SCB has developed its core competencies over 50 years and continues to build on it. In the late 1960s, SCB developed itself as a clutch specialist dealing with all the different car brands that were available in the market. SCB was invited by major OEM clutch manufacturers namely Valeo, Exedy and LUK to be their major distributors. 95% of the NZ market requirements are catered by these 3 manufacturers.

Brake Specialist

Along with being a clutch specialist, SCB in the 1990s built up specialization in brake systems across all the car brands makes and models. SCB also manufactures its own specialty brake parts such as brake hose’s, brake lines, cables and more. Brake requirements are very versatile, as cars manufactured in different countries have different braking systems depending on the roads, and regulations of the country. Over the years, SCB has developed an in-depth database which enlists the bare systems requirements for cars based on their make, model, and country of manufacturing.

We’re dedicated to meeting all our customer’s needs, if you have a problem, be assured we cover all vehicles on NZ roads such as:

  • American
  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Vintage

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