Sterling Clutch &Brake is an acclaimed clutch and brake service in New Zealand. Serving in all major cities and towns across the country, we at Sterling Clutch & Brake have a team of experts that can assist you with problems related to clutch and brakes of your vehicle. Problems with your vehicle’s brake and clutch can cause major problems if not detected and fixed early, that is why it is important to ensure that they are frequently checked by an expert. We can’t stress enough as to how important these two components are for a vehicle; therefore it becomes important to repair a faulty clutch and/or brakes in order to avert perils.

We incorporate a team of ABS specialists who are fully trained in all the aspects of brake systems. For us no repair job is big or small and we take utmost care that all our work is completed to the highest standard. For any problem pertaining to brakes, whether it is repair or replacement of worn out brake pads or repair or replacement of any other part in braking system you will get the best treatment at our Brake repairs service in Wellington.

Clutch Servicing

Driving a car with a faulty clutch calls for all sorts of troubles. Get the clutch of your car checked at our clutch repair service in Wellington. We will diligently analyze all parts such as engine crankshaft, clutch pressure plate, clutch disc, bearing and release system. After analyzing the problem, we will begin the repair or replacement of troubleshooting parts so that you are on the road in no time and enjoying your trouble free drive.

Brake Replacement

If the brakes of your cars have completely worn out, then it is suggested not to opt for a repair service, but instead go for brake replacement. We provide the best brake replacement service in Wellington, so what better place to go than Sterling Brake. Call us today to book an appointment with us.

We look forward to solving your clutch and brake problems as well as making new relations! Give us a call at one of our service centre near to your location. We have an expert team waiting for your call at  +64 9 636 4919.