Brake Pads are the essential part of vehicle systems and require a constant repair and maintenance as the life of riders is at stake if something goes wrong with brake pads. Always arrange for the complete brake service before a long ride and for this you can consult the brake specialist and get Brake Pad replacement service in Auckland.

A study is conducted by Global Brake Pads Market Professionals about the brake pads and a report for the year 2018 has been released by HTF MI, evaluating the brake pad market in 2018. Report has also highlighted opportunities, risk side analysis, and leveraged with strategic and tactical decision making support. This report also provides forecast analysis by production, Sales, Supply, Demand, Key players and forecast up to year 2023.

The study provides information on market trends and development, drivers, capacities, technologies, and on the changing capital structure of the Global Pads Market.

Those who are involved in the Brake Pads industry or thinking of joining this trade, then this study will provide them the comprehensive outlook of the Brake pad market. Those involved with Brake pad business this report provide up to date knowledge segmented by Vehicles OEM Industry and Vehicles Aftermath industry, Non-asbestos Organic Brake pads, Low Metallic NAO Brake Pads, Semi Metallic Brake Pads and Ceramic Brake Pads and major players.


Furthermore, the report additionally caters the detailed statistics about the vital elements which include drivers and restraining factors which will define the future growth of the market.

Report also includes the opportunities available in micro markets for stakeholders to invest, detailed analysis of competitive landscape and product services of the key players.

For each region, market size and end users are analyzed as well as segments markets by types, applications and companies For Global version of Brake Pads Market analysis is provided for major regions like North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America and Middle East and Africa.

What Key Answers Captured in study of the report include?

  • Strategies adopted by big players in the regional market,

  • Which country will see steep rise in CAGR and Y-O-Y growth,
  • Expected size of market in next five years,

  • What is market feasibility for the long term investment,

  • Opportunities provided by country to new players and existing players in the market,

  • Factors driving demand for product/service in near future,

  • Impact analysis of various factors in the Global Brake Pads market growth

  • The recent trends in the regional market and how successful they are.

There are 15 Chapters to display the Global Brake Pads Market. In the report covering various aspects with executive summary describing Definition, Specifications and Classification of Global Brake pads market region wise and various other to display Research methodology and techniques and Market trend analysis, Global Brake Pads Market sales channels, distributors traders, dealers, Research findings etc.

It is of utmost important for the car riders to make sure that the brakes are in best working condition. A thorough brake repair service requires not only a simple inspection but a complete check up of the braking system including brake pad or shoes inspection and replacement if there is excessive wear , along with inspection and upgrading/ replacement of brake calipers, examining/replacing wheel bearing, brake line inspection and complete cleaning and washing of brake systems. For getting complete check of brake and Brake replacement service in Auckland, or for any requirement of brake parts in Christchurch you can call Sterling Clutch & Brake @ 09 636 4919 or mail your query at

Your Own Brake Specialists Auckland For Repair & Replacement

Car brakes are essentially crucial parts in vehicle systems and it requires regular maintenance and required repair or replacement works on time. To make sure the vehicle performance and safety, make sure that the braking systems are working perfectly. Arrange for a complete brake service to consult brake specialists and brake replacement parts in Auckland.

Brake System Malfunction Symptoms

  • squealing or screeching brakes
  • spongy, low, hard or soft brake pedal
  • trembling steering wheel under braking
  • lose vehicle grip under braking
  • longer stoppage time required than normal

It is important that the car brake and clutch work properly and it is not only important for the car owner but also for his/her family to stay safe and secure on road and avoid the risk of having an accident.  

Types of Car Brake System

There are two types of car brake systems and also a combination type brake system is available.

  • Drum Brakes include Brake shoes, with linings attached. These are positioned inside the brake drums and the drums rotate with the wheel. When pressure is given onto the brake pedal, the hydraulic fluid within the braking system forces the brake shoes to the outer side until the linings get in touch with the inner side of the drum and force it to stop.
  • Disc Brakes work in same way, apart from the brake that is made up of a stationary caliper, and a disc rotating with the wheel. When the pedal is pushed down, the hydraulic pressure forces the brake pads in the caliper to clamp on the disc.

Most of the modern day late models of the cars have disc brakes or combination brake system of front disc and rear drum brakes.

Note: Brakes are heat, water and moisture sensitive, and every time brake pedals are pushed down (or even foot is kept on it), the pads and linings erodes.

Complete Brake Repair Auckland

Arrange a total all-inclusive brake repair & replacement service to make sure the brake is in best working condition. A thorough brake repair service not only includes fitting brake pads or shoes and running the braking system but it also includes:

  • examining and upgrading/replacing brake calipers
  • repairing or replacing rotors or drum
  • examining and/or replacing wheel bearings
  • examining backing plates and brake lines
  • examining and replacing (if required) all hardware and car coil kits on drum brakes
  • examining and replacing wheel cylinders/master cylinders
  • washing out the entire brake system

To arrange for brake & clutch check by brake specialists and brake replacement parts, call Sterling Clutch & Brake @ 09 636 4919 or mail query