Sterling Clutch & Brakes is one of successful and reputed clutch and brake repair concern in New Zealand and presence in various important towns in the country. Having a team of expert auto technicians we are ready to assist you in the problems related to clutch and brake of your vehicle. As you know that even a minor problem with your vehicle’s clutch or brake, if unattended can cause a major breakdown of your vehicle and also increase the repair costs tremendously. To avoid perils you have to pay full attention to your vehicle clutch and brake and on noticing a minor fault bring your vehicle for inspection at our workshop.

We have a team of expert Mechanics who are fully qualified to detect any fault with your vehicle’s clutch and brake, whether a small one or any major fault and carry out the necessary repairs or replacement done at the economical rates. We carry out repairs and replacement service of highest standards. Our team is also fully trained with ABS repairs also. You can get best treatment at our Brake repairs service in Queens town when you visit for any inspection, repairs and replacement of clutch and brake of your loved vehicle.

Clutch replacement and servicing

It is very risky to drive your vehicle with faulty clutch as you many invite serious trouble of getting struck with your vehicle on the road. For having a smooth functioning of your vehicle clutch you can check at our clutch repair service in Queens land and avail best possible repair and replacement service of clutch at very affordable prices. All work undertaken by us is carried with 100% satisfaction.

Brake repair Service

Brakes are pretty much the most important safety device of your vehicle. So if you feel there is problem with your brakes, it is essential to get them checked out as soon as possible. So If you are looking for reliable brake repair service in Queensland, you can come to us and we can do the necessary repair or replacement service quickly to get you back on the road.

If you ever want clutch or brake repair, replacement, clutch kit with flywheel service in Queens land you can come to our workshop and avail the services of fully qualified technicians. Our aim is to carry all repair and replacement work as quickly and as efficiently as possible so that you feel fully safe on the road. You can call us at +64 9 636 4919 or leave your message.