Sterling clutch and Brake is a frontrunner in clutch and brake repair service in New Zealand and serving in all the major towns across the country. With a team of experts that can assist you in solving the problems of clutch and brakes of your vehicle of any model and make. As you know that clutch and brakes are one of the most important systems of your vehicle which helps its flawless movement on the road, and this is the reason why these are frequently checked and serviced by expert mechanics. When you visit Sterling Clutch and Brake with your clutch and brake problems our mechanics check all the important parameters of clutch and brakes and then start with necessary repairs and replacement service which is at extremely completive rates.

Clutch repair service

Clutch is an essential part of your vehicle’s safety and proper driving. Many times problems associated with clutch are mistaken as transmission problems. Many of the problems related to clutch can be fixed at a reasonable cost as they involve simple adjustments but other with serious nature needs replacement of clutch itself. If you want to get clutch repair service in Palmerston North you can get in touch with us and our trained technicians can do the needful repair and replacement service of your vehicle to your entire satisfaction.

Brake Replacement Service

Brakes are one of the most important safety devices on your vehicle. You will never wish to remember experience when you lost your brake again. It is better you get your brake inspected for wear and tear every six months for any wear and damage not only to protect yourself and other passengers of your vehicle but the public on the road also. If you want brake replacement service in Palmerston North you can check with us. We will help you to save money by pinpointing the cause of fault and do repair and replacement service.

Weather you need a minor adjustment of your vehicle’s clutch or brakes or comprehensive diagnostics, always choose Sterling clutch and brake as we undertake repair and replacement service with quality parts for all types of vehicles. We feel proud to offer service that’s both professional and affordable. You can call us at +64 9 636 4919 or can post your quarry relating clutch and brakes on