Sterling Clutch and Brake Napier NZ provide most services related to Brakes and Clutches and is leader in this field, with presence in all most all the important towns of New Zealand.

Have you noticed your brakes are not responding the way they should and is your clutch causing you problems? We have experienced staffs that are ready to help you to quickly service or repair brakes and clutch so that you can drive safely on road without any trouble.

We have a team of ABS specialist to look into the problems of ABS brakes. For our trained team no job is big or small as we look even the minutest reason of clutch and brake failure and find the best possible solution for rectifying it.

Clutch Servicing

Since the clutch is important in transmission system in vehicle and any fault in clutch system can restrict the smooth movement of your vehicle. Driving the car with a faulty clutch can

Put you in all sorts of troubles. Get your car clutch checked at our clutch repair service in Napier. Our mechanics will completely check clutch slippage, clutch and pressure plates, discs and release bearings and other systems. Only after the complete checking our mechanics takes the final decision and then undertake the necessary repairs or replacement of your vehicle clutch and clutch parts and put your vehicle back on the road in no time.

Brake repair service

Brakes of the vehicle are crucial to a safe and successful driving experience. Have you noticed your brakes are not responding the way they should be, and then it is time for you to see a experienced mechanic. Strong brakes are essential for safe driving in all types of weather conditions. Always make sure that your car brakes are in good condition. If you need any brake replacement service in Napier, do not hesitate to visit us and have your vehicle checked for fault and get necessary replacement carried and get back on the road soon.

So when you need a brake replacement visit us and our service experts can analyze brakes quickly and recommend quality and cost effective brakes. We look forward solving all the problems relating to clutch and brakes of your vehicle. You can visit us personally or can get in touch on our phone No +64 9 636 4919 or post any query at