Sterling Clutch & Brake has been providing clutch and brakes replacement and repair service in Hastings and at many other important towns in New Zealand for last many years, and pride itself on providing a personal and flexible service and making things as easy as possible. Whether you are having clutch problems, needs a brake pad replaced, we are happy to help you with our high quality flawless service. We can repair or replace all clutch requirements and brake repair and replacement service for all makes of vehicle and models, including vehicles fitted with ABS systems.

Brakes and clutch are parts of your car that wear out over the time and need replacement. We specialise in maintaining, adjusting, repairing and replacing both. We provide low prices and a high quality personal service so that you are always on road with perfect running vehicle.

Clutch replacement service

If your clutch is slipping or juddering as you shift gears you probably need a new clutch.

We can provide clutch replacement service in Hastings. We carry out repair and servicing of clutch to address all issues you might face with your vehicles clutch, clutch kit with flywheel or rotor repair service in Hasting.

Brake repair service

Brakes are the most important part of your car. Any fault in the brakes can put you and other occupant’s of car life in danger. So it is always necessary that brakes of your car are always in perfect working condition. But with passage of time and faulty driving conditions you brake pads can wear out, there may be leakage of brake fluid and air getting in the brake lining or brake drum getting damaged. If your problem is with your brakes you can get brake repair service in Hasting. We can replace your brake drums, pads or discs. If your handbrake is pulling too high or in not holding we can adjust or replace it. Along with replacement service we also carry out routine maintenance of your brakes, removing dirt and dust from your brake drums and ensuring your brake fluid levels are correct.

Any issue with either brake or clutch you can contact us at +64 9 636 4919 and our team is ready to assist you in all problems your vehicle is facing pertaining to brakes and clutch. You can also post your quarries to us on