Sterling clutch and brake Hamilton is a professional, friendly and reliable team providing clutch and brake repair and replacement service in Hamilton with presence in major towns of New Zealand. With a wealth of experience and knowledge our team is clutch and bake specialist. We offer the best solutions to your vehicles clutch and brake problems. So whatever your vehicle needs in clutch and brake problems, we will do everything we possibly can to get you back on the road safely and efficiently. All our mechanics are fully qualified to provide you with a best and comprehensive range of services from clutch repair/replacement and brakes replacement, we really do cover it all.

Brake replacement service

Worn out brakes takes longer to stop your vehicle and incorrectly adjusted or poorly serviced braking systems can cause increased fuel consumption. At Sterling clutch & Brake Hamilton, we specialize and carry out all types of brake work. We can fit anything from a set of brake pads up to a complete overhaul of your braking system including ABS.

Clutch replacement service

Clutch is an integral part of transmission system in the vehicle and helps the vehicle to move.

With the passage of time and use the clutch gets worn out and needs replacement if not properly maintained. A proper maintenance of clutch and improvement in the driving habits clutch can last up to 60,000 to 70,000 km. If your car clutch is not performing well and there is slippage and your vehicle don’t pick speed when gears are engaged it is the time to go in for the replacement of clutch. Any delay results in expensive repairs later on as the complete transmission system get damaged. If you see any signs that your car clutch is not working properly and you are in Hamilton then you can bring your car at our clutch repair service in Hamilton and do the needful done without any delay.

All our work has full guarantee and we use only top quality brake parts in the replacement service.

If your vehicle is giving clutch or brake problems please give us a call to arrange appointment. For more information on any of our services please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can reach us by calling at +64 9 636 4919 or you can mail your query.