Sterling clutch & Brake, is a leading name in clutch and brake repair and replacement service in Dunedin. We have presence in all important cities of New Zealand. We offer only the highest in quality work and service for your vehicles clutch and brake. We have a highly trained professional team to look after the clutch and brakes problems of your vehicle, as you know that both clutch and brake are important in smooth, trouble free running of your vehicle. We always check with you before starting repairs or replacement service on your vehicle as the trust and integrity are fundamental in our business. We proudly offer all our services at extremely competitive rates to ensure that you are getting the best value possible.

Clutch repair Service

A healthy clutch is very vital to your vehicle’s manual transmission. Over the time with a lot of shifting, your clutch is likely to wear out, leaving you in need of clutch replacement or repair. It is important to address any clutch related matters as and when they arise. Right clutch repairs will keep you moving smoothly. Get the clutch assembly checked at our clutch repair service in Dunedin. We assure you that with our repairs and replacement service you are least likely to be get struck on road.

Brake replacement service

Having properly functioning brakes is essential to ensure safety of not only your vehicle but it is essential for safety of occupants and the person driving it. Depending on your needs, we provide brake replacement service in Dunedin. Upon receiving your vehicle we completely check brake fluid level, brake pads wear and tear, also full brake system. We offer our service at extremely competitive rates, and we take pleasure and pride in the excellent work we deliver for your vehicle safety and roadworthiness.

We have been serving the area of Dunedin for last many years. We perform the most complex clutch and brake repairs. We employ the best technicians with loads of experience. This combined with quality parts ensure that we delivery only the best results. For more information you can call us at +64 9 636 4919 and make an appointment or stop by during the business hours.