Are your vehicle’s clutch and brakes in need of urgent attention? Are you looking for an expert and reliable team of Clutch and Brakes experts to keep your car on Road? Sterling Clutch & Brake Christchurch is a leading Clutch and brake repair and replacement service provider. Based in Christchurch, the team at Sterling Clutch and Brakes offers a high quality Brake repair service and Clutch repair service to all local areas of Christchurch. We are expert in clutch and brake repairs and ensure that everything runs smoothly when you’re out and about.

Our experienced technicians know how to conduct a comprehensive inspection of your car’s brakes system and clutch components and advise you on any brake replacement service or clutch repair service and assist you to fix yours car problems.

Clutch Servicing

The clutch generally wears out over the time, but the repair is a relatively simple maintenance job compared to the more expensive repair of the transmission. Problems with your vehicle’s clutch can cause major problem if not detected and fixed early and this is the important reason to ensure that it is checked frequently by an expert. It your clutch is not performing properly then you should bring your vehicle at our clutch repair service in Christchurch. Our engineers will perform a thorough check of clutch and transmission system and find the real point of fault and take necessary repairs or replacement service of clutch and related components.

Brake Replacement and repairs

Brakes are the most important safety system on your vehicle. Due to friction, as the brake pads or shoes are used they wear away and eventually needs replacing. This is the most common brake repair required. But many a times brake disc rotor or drums also wear away and will eventually requirement replacement also. We complete our professional brake replacement service in Christchurch by cleaning disc brake calliper. We also take care of all aspects of the braking system, including hydraulic system.

Since we ensure you best possible performance and safety of your vehicle, we always use and recommend best parts and techniques. We look forward to seeing you at our service centres near your location. Call us at +64 9 636 4919.